Updated Website Launch

The William Hole website was first launched twenty months ago – in April 2010. During the intervening period a significant amount of research has been conducted into the life and work of William Brassey Hole; even a long-lost manuscript has been republished. The website was originally designed to share some basic information about William Hole but, as our research has continued and others have come forward with new and interesting snippets of information, we have added to the site and continue to do so; so much so, that it has now outgrown the rather basic format we initially created.

With this in mind, and to ensure continued interest in William Hole, it gives us great pleasure to relaunch the website for 2012 in a new, more modern format. This will provide scope for further development and expansion over the coming months and years.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued interest in William Hole and for their support of our website. We wish you all a very happy New Year and look forward to keeping in touch throughout 2012; please continue to send us your news and views on William Hole’s work.

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