Scottish History Captured in Hole Paintings

Around the beginning of the twentieth century, William Hole was commissioned to create a number of paintings depicting key events in Scottish history. Today, these are displayed within the ‘European Room’ at the Edinburgh City Chambers. They are worth a visit if you are in Edinburgh:

Year      Short Name

——       Prince Charles Edward in Edinburgh 1745

1903      Signing the National Covenant 1638

——       News of the Accession of James VI, 1603

1910      Queen Mary enters Edinburgh in 1567

1904      State Entry of Queen Mary in 1561

1910      Queen Mary’s farewell to Scotland in 1548

——       News of Flodden in 1513

1902      Coronation of James II in 1437

1906      Presentation of a Charter to King Robert the Bruce in 1329

The paintings can be viewed by following the link – HERE.

Thank you to Peder Aspen from OSP Archives for help with this information.

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