Royal Scottish Academy Exhibits (1866-1916)

William Hole first exhibited his work at the Royal Scottish Academy in 1866.  Between 1866-73 he exhibited as W. F. Hole before changing to W. B. Hole in 1874-84.  He became an Associate of the R. S. A. in 1878 and an Academician in 1889.

In addition to the forty-nine annual exhibitions listed below, Hole also displayed his work at two special exhibitions held by the R. S. A. (these dates are shown in bold type) with the themes:

1880 – Works by Decesased and Living Scottish Artists. October to December.
1887 – Works in Watercolour and Sculptures by Living Artists.  July to October.

Please note that poetical quotations appear below only where works are not otherwise entitled.

Year Entry Exhibit Title
1866 711 Trawler coming into Harbour
830 Marmion and the Spectre Knight
1867 33 Study of Lions from Life
786 Turpin
1868 332 Devil’s Bridge, Pass of St. Gothard
1870 79 The Arch of Titus: Colisuem in distance
879 Contadino of the Campagna
1871 488 Gutenberg, Inventor of Printing, at Work
640 Betrothal
960 A Night to be Remembered (Stuart Prize)
1872 115 Chaucer reading to John of Gaunt’s Wife
376 The Canterbury Pilgrims
547 ‘My Ward, Sir.’
Lent by John Forman, Esq.
1873 14 Chivalry
138 An Evening Effect
453 Incident in the Life of St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Lent by the Rt. Hon. the Lord Provost.
614 Nook in Herefordshire
1874 54 In AEternum
95 Medea in the Island of Circe
Lent by Robert Cox, Esq., Edinburgh.
125 The Parting of Guinevere and Lancelot
1875 238 A Scholar
Lent by R. T. Hamilton Bruce, Esq.
264 Quiet Thoughts
361 Guinevere’s Ride to Almesbury
Lent by J. Batty Tuke, Esq., M.D., Edinburgh.
592 Her Wedding Day
Lent by James Lawrie, Esq., Edinburgh.
1876 516 Ophelia
Lent by A. Rintoul, Esq.
560 The Children of John de la Condamine, Esq.
627 Taken Unawares
702 Ugly Creatures
1877 27 A Wounded Enemy
Lent by J. J. Weinberg, Esq., Dundee.
309 A Demonstration
429 His Lordship
Lent by James Lawrie, Esq.
648 Rehearsal
1878 337 ‘A woful ballad Made to his mistress’ eyebrow.’
Lent by Charles Edward, Esq., Dundee.
341 The Alarm
Lent by Samuel Adamson, Esq., Drumclyer.
439 ‘The Bard’
528 The Last of the Bin
1879 298 The Confessional Stair
480 The End of the ’45
511 An Affair of Outposts
718 The Despatch
1880 37 A Straggler of the Chevalier’s Army
197 A Geographer
Lent by David Tullis, Esq., Glasgow.
247 Christmas Eve at the Squire’s
Lent by E. J. Du Val, Esq., Southport.
280 Mrs C. M. Campbell
1880 33 A Wounded Enemy
Lent by J. J. Weinberg, Esq.
283 A Rehearsal
Lent by Robert Cox, Esq., Gorgie.
307 The Last of the Bin
Lent by William McTaggart, R.S.A.
1881 265 Queen Mary’s First Levee
413 The Evening of Culloden
474 A Portrait
490 An Uncongenial Subject
Lent by J. J. Cowan, Esq.
1882 163 Mrs Chinnery-Haldane
177 The Poacher
Lent by John James Cowan, Esq.
257 Prince Charlie’s Parliament
323 ‘His Eminence’
1883 90 ‘The Book-Hunter’ : Portrait of the late John Hill Burton, D.C.L., L.L.D.
264 A Golden Wedding
270 The Night’s Catch
334 The Herring Quay
356 ‘Falstaff… I have peppered two of them…
Four rogues in buckram let drive at me.’
1884 112 ‘Unwounded from the dreadful close, But breathless all, Fitz-James arose.’
144 The Fill of the Two Boats
311 Sheep-shearing in the Cheviots
327 Playmates
1885 14 ‘If thou hadst known.’
(Diploma Work. R.S.A. Collection.)
98 When the Day’s Work is done
1886 82 ‘Steady !’
257 Rev. A. Moody Stuart, D.D. : Presentation Portrait
374 The Covenanter
416 David Scott Moncrieff, Esq., W.S.
1887 152 The Rev. John Reid Omond : Presnetation Portrait.
1887 682 The Rev. Alexander Moody-Stuart, D.D.
717 Etchings from Pictures in the French and Dutch Gallery of the Edinburgh International Exhibition, 1886: 1, Jacque; 2, Diaz; 3, M. Maris;
4, Corot; 5, J. Maris; 6, Bosboom; 7, Monticelli; 8, Rousseau.
1888 191 Rev. Dr. Burns, Kirkliston : Presentation Portrait
414 News of Flodden
437 Richard and Gilbert Hole
826 Lost at Sea
1889 261 Jubal
290 Gethsemane
369 Rizzio
1890 183 The Naiads’ Bath
371 Early Architecture
Lent by James D. Lawrie, Esq.
436 ‘He is Coming’ : Etching after Matthew Maris
480 ‘The Sawyers’ : Etching after J. F. Millet
1891 170 A Landscape
208 Don Quixote
435 Vulcan’s Forge
502 The Leaping Horse : Etching after Constable
1891-2 86 The Cleansing of the Leper
209 The Canterbury Pilgrims
471 A Portrait
596 La Bergère gardant son Troupeau : Etching after J. F. Millet
1893 316 Hearts of Oak
494 Etching after Portrait by Velasquez of Don Gaspar de Guzman, Count of Olivarez. Owned by Earl of Elgin.
512 Etching after Portrait of Rembrandt by himself in the Imperial Gallery of Vienna.
1894 335 Portrait of a Lady
345 The Rev. Professor W. G. Blaikie, D.D.
380 The Admiral Pulido Pareja : Etching after Portrait by Velasquez.
382 Feeding Chickens : Etching after Picture by M. Maris.
386 Six Original Etchings illustrative of ‘Woodstock’
1895 233 Pro Nobis
458 Fifteen Drawings for Illustrated Edition of ‘Catriona’, by the late Robert Louis Stevenson.
459 Two Drawings illustrating ‘The Wrecker’, by the late Robert Louis Stevenson.
1896 119 The Enchanted Castle
268 The Cottar’s Saturday Night. (Mackelvie Art Gallery, Auckland, N.Z. Bought with J. T. Mackelvie Fund, 1896).
471 Twelve Etchings illustrating the Poems of Robert Burns
Lent by Messrs. T. C. & E. C. Jack.
474 Pro Nobis
1897 144 Burns and Highland Mary
187 Where Stinchar Flows
348 Miss Dick Lauder
1898 548 An Idyll of the ’45 : after the late Sir John Millais.
595 Maternal Cares : after Robert Alexander, R.S.A.
602 A Dorsetshire Valley : after E. M. Wimperis, V.P.R.I.
608 James M’Neill Whistler : after Portrait by himself.
1899 378 Ave Maria. (Panels for a Reredos).
Lent by the Marquis of Lothian.
1901 265 The Entombment
661 The Benedicte : Part of Mural Decoration for the Chancel of St. Ninian’s Church, Glasgow.
1902 683 Street of the Corn Market, Jerusalem
687 In the Wilderness
704 Street of the Damascus Gate, Jerusalem
730 Chapel of St. Helena in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
1903 278 The Coronation of James II at Holyrood, A.D. 1437
Lent by the Corporation of the City of Edinburgh.
427 The New Arrival : Etching after Joseph Farquharson, A.R.A.
1904 165 Keith, Daughter of Alex. Blackie, Esq.
470 Snowclad Pastures : Etching after Joseph Farquharson, A.R.A.
498 The Ascension
Lent by the Rev. E. T. S. Reid, Hawick.
1905 143 A Portrait
226 Dibbling Cabbages
522 The State Entry of Mary, Queen of Scots, into Edinburgh, A.D. 1561.
Lent by the Corporation of the City of Edinburgh.
1906 361 Timber Hauling in the New Forest : after the Picture by Lucy Kemp Welch.
1907 347 King Robert the Bruce presenting Royal Charter to Edinburgh, 1329.
Lent by the Corporation of the City of Edinburgh.
510 The Last Supper : Fresco to be placed in the Apse of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Forres.
1908 439 ‘Ecce Homo’
444 To Winter Quarters : Etching after Joseph Faquharson, A.R.A.
1909 161 The Temptation in the Wilderness
178 Reading the Charter of Incorporation of the Edinburgh Merchant Company, 1681.
Lent by the Merchant Company.
1910 294 ‘It is the Lord’
382 The August Moon : Etching after the late Cecil Lawson.
1911 100 Drawing the Furnace Fire : Granton Iron Works
118 The Message of the Church
1912 524 A Highland Cottage Interior
576 A Street in Jaffa
577 Within the Damascus Gate, Jerusalem
580 The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
1913 162 The Dead Sea, from Engedi
391 Illustrations of the Old Testament
Lent by Messrs. Eyre & Spottiswoode, London.
1914 429 King David purchasing the Threshing floor of Araunah
622 Cartoon for Stained Glass Window in the U. F. Missionary College Chapel, Inverleith Terrace.
Lent by Miss Small, Edinburgh.
1915 209 A Highland Cottage : Interior
226 The Epiphany : Altar Picture for the Church of St. John the Baptist, Dundee.
Lent by the Rev. Hugh Cunnynghame, Dundee.
487 The Judgement of Solomon
Lent by Messrs. Eyre & Spottiswoode.
698 Illustrations of ‘Woodstock’
1916 131 In St. Mark’s, Venice
343 The Last Supper
350 The Memnons of Thebes
589 Pro Nobis. (Impressions to be sold for the benefit of the Red Cross Fund).