Royal Academy Exhibits (1873-1904)

William Hole first exhibited his work at the Royal Academy in London (as opposed to the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh) in 1873.  Between 1873-1887 he exhibited as W. T. Hole before changing to W. B. Hole in 1888 and, simply William Hole from 1889.

Please note that poetical quotations appear below only where works are not otherwise entitled.

Year Entry Exhibit Title
1873 1080 An Assignation
1874 1021 Guinevere’s ride to Almesbury
1885 129 The Fill of the Boats
784 Sheep-shearing in the Cheviots
1886 294 “If thou hadst known!”
1887 119 Steady
1888 1630 “If thou hadst known!”
1889 1722 A Mill on the Yare (after J. Crome)
1890 1605 The Wood-Sawyers (after J.F. Millet)
1891 1619 The Jumping Horse (after John Constable, R.A.)
1892 524 The Canterbury Pilgrims
1475 The Shepherdess (after J.F. Millet)
1893 1366 Don Gaspar de Guzman, Count of Olivarez (after Velasquez)
1894 1381 Admiral Pulido Pareja (after Velasquez)