The Edinburgh Homes of William Hole

William Hole was born in Salisbury in 1846 but, when his father died in 1849, his mother moved them to Edinburgh where they lived with her mother’s family at 38 London Street, Edinburgh. The 1851 Census records show that Charlotte Fergusson (William Hole’s grandmother) was head of the household and that the house was also occupied by her two spinster sisters, her two daughters and grandson, William Hole. There were also two house servants in residence.

During his adult life, William Hole lived at the following addresses which are also displayed on the map below. Click on the blue markers to identify each address. Around 1911, the houses in Inverleith Terrace were renumbered to make way for a new building. This explains why William Hole appeared to move house but, in reality, stayed in the same building. It is also interesting to note that 51 York Place now forms part of The Osbourne Hotel which provides 2-star accommodation for visitors to the city.

Inter-active satellite and map views of the building locations.

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